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Friends of KCH,

We’re super excited to bring you behind-the-scenes of KCH with us – the places we go, the people we meet, the ideas we have, the lessons we learn.

For starters, we’d love to share why we started KCH and what it means to us now.

We started KCH because A) While living in California, we fell in love with a game called corn hole, and because B) We love spreading happiness, which is what KCH truly stands for – Kiwis Creating Happiness.

Happiness is a big fat subjective word, we know, but here’s what it mainly means to us:

  1. Getting Outside – When we’re not 100%, getting outside is our best medicine. Fingers crossed the sun is shining, but even if it’s not, there’s something special about fresh air and connecting with nature in the simplest of ways that makes us feel alive.Corn Hole Beach


  1. Getting Together – Even when we’re busy *AF*, taking the time to put our devices away and spend a few hours with family or friends is what gets us out of bed. Giving heartfelt hugs, laughing loud, being ourselves, exchanging ideas, listening, being heard – that’s where the goods are.Social

So, together, those triggers of happiness fuel our mission. Our mission is to get people, including ourselves, outside and together more often. Corn hole is our first product and vehicle for achieving that mission, although there will be other products down the line that do just the same.

To further strengthen our mission, we’ll also be giving back a portion of all profit to an awesome NZ organization working to make our lives happier – to be announced next week.

Happy Fri-Yay!

-the KCH crew



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