Meet KCH-er Thomas

Thomas Nabbs

Thomas Nabbs

Today we’d like to introduce you to KCH-er Thomas. Here’s what he has to say about some of his favorite things:

Hometown: Cambridge, New Zealand

Where do you go when you need some time outdoors? Outdoors of course – JK. I go rabbit shooting on my parents land in Tamahere


You’re outside enjoying a warm night, a cold one and KCH with friends. What song is playing in the background? Flame Trees – Standard

You’re planning a weekend tramping trip. Where are you headed? Waikeremoana

You’re headed to the beach – which one you going to? Hard to beat Hahei on hot summers day – I don’t get there enough

Hahei New Zealand

Why do you believe in KCH? Our team is awesome and we are genuinely trying to make a positive difference in New Zealand – Kai Pai 🙂

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