KCH at Earthstead Villas – Cambridge, NZ

Earthstead Villas

Earthstead Villas

Several weeks ago, we met Alistair and Suzie of Earthstead Villas. We’d heard about their eco-friendly, sustainable accommodations in Cambridge, but had never been ourselves.

Intrigued by KCH, Alistair and Suzie asked us to bring a set over for their team to give it a try. After one game, their staff were hooked and the couple had no choice – they decided to buy a set to have on-site, both for the Earthstead crew, as well as for guests.

Corn Hole RulesEven if you don’t need hotel accommodations anytime soon, you must go check out Earthstead Villas – it is a true treasure! When we dropped by again to deliver Earthstead’s KCH set, Alistair gifted us a carton of fresh milk from the farm, and then walked us around the property to show us each villa.French Studio

It’s amazing how architecture, landscape and interior design can completely transport you to another place. Each Earthstead villa was more impeccably designed than the last – and, to make them even more special, they’ve each been built by Alistair and Suzie from earth, straw, untreated timber and natural oil finishes.

Earthstead Villas

We emailed Alistair and Suzie a few days after we dropped off the set to thank them for the fresh milk, and to ask how KCH fit in. This is what they said:

Thanks Paloma.Earthstead Villas

We had a great time with the game during our dinner party.  It was a big hit.

Mission accomplished!

Thank you Earthstead Villas for helping us in our mission to bring people together and get outside, and for the beautiful oasis you’ve created in Cambridge.

-the KCH crew


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