KCH at Punnet Cafe

Punnet Cafe

Punnet Cafe

Situated by a strawberry field in Tamahere, Punnet Cafe is just a few minutes from the KCH workshop and is our go-to morning or weekend treat. We love the colorfully crafted menu, the beautiful atmosphere, the outdoor playground (which now houses a KCH set!) and the cute shop next door – The Country Providore.

Owned by the McMahon sisters, we caught up with the oldest, Haley, on how she gets outside and gets together with the people she loves:

Haley McMahon

Where do you go when you need some time outdoors? For a run around the Hamilton Lake, gardens or the river. You never feel worse after running, so whats stopping you?! Hamilton has some fantastic running and walking trails to offer on our back door step and many of us don’t even realize.

You’re outside enjoying a warm night, a cold one and KCH with friends. What song is playing in the background? The music is well and truly drowned out by laughter! But, I am really enjoying Broods and my classic “Eats and Beats” Spotify playlist. I am usually not the DJ for good reason!

You’re planning a weekend tramping trip. Where are you headed? Walking the Tongariro Crossing again is very high on my hit list at the moment. It’s such an incredible one day walk. Also if i was heading north, I would love to check out the Sir Ed Hilary walk on the West coast.

You’re headed to the beach – which one you going to? I escape to Whangamata any opportunity I get, although recently my really good friends got married in a small west coast beach in Taranaki called Tongaporutu (Elephant rock and three sisters). I would love to head back there. It was such a classic Kiwi weekend away! Small kiwi batches, black sand, great people, drinks and food. Tip top!

Why do you love KCH? Laughter and outdoors are the best combination to make every situation better! You can’t help but laugh and enjoy yourself playing this game, and our kiwi competitive streak always comes out making it just that bit more fun!

KCH at Punnet

Head over to Punnet, say hi to Haley and try your hand at KCH!

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